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PALS Social Skills program


We will provide a PALS Social Skills Program to the children in Little Explorer 1 and 2, Junior Explorer and Explorer.The PALS Social Skills Program teaches children about greeting others, listening, sharing, taking turns, dealing with feelings of fear, sadness and anger, and solving problems. Learning social skills like these in early childhood is just as important as learning numeracy and literacy. The early childhood and early school years are when children start to make friends, learn to cooperate with others and begin to solve social problems. Like all skills, some children develop social skills more easily than others. Social skills are of the utmost importance for children's future development. The PALS Social Skills Program teaches children constructive ways to solve problems that arise in social situations. This is done through stories acted out by puppets, video scenarios, probe questions, role-play activities and songs.Teachers are provided with detailed information on how to implement the program and run the sessions and parent information sheets for each session will help to support the program at home.We also have a specialised projector which is very safe for children’s eyes that we are able to use while introducing this program for the children.

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