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Welcome To Children’s Corner Learning Centre. Our centres provide the highest quality care and education within the local area. The Children’s Corner learning environment has a relaxed feel and is friendly and welcoming.

Our newly renovated and purposefully built centres have been specifically designed to make children and families relaxed and at home. Our educators are Early Childhood professionals who are friendly, experienced and have a passionate interest in early childhood education. We value our relationships with the families in our services and endeavour to enjoy sharing this part of the learning journey.

Art Class
Girl Riding a Tricycle
Kids in Preschool
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We believe that children learn through play and as such we have created an environment of open ended, explorative and tactile experiences in which children can use their senses to discover, grow and learn.  Children are supported to function independently allowing them to respond to their natural instinct to explore and learn to develop their creativity and imagination. Our service aims to promote healthy lifestyles, good nutrition and the well being of all children, ensuring they are provided with high quality nutritious meals, support with recognising their need for comfort or physical needs, and including physical activity in their daily lives. 

Children’s individual routines are incorporated into the program through consultation with families, ensuring that regular communication and routine discussions are responsive to the child’s needs and ever-changing routines as they grow and develop.  We believe that providing predictable environments for children supports them to build a sense of trust within their learning environment and form strong attachments with educators.  As routines develop, children’s sense of agency is supported to enable them to make positive choices about their place in the world, their routines and engagement; developing an individual sense of responsibility, confidence, independence and a healthy self-esteem.

We support children in learning how to regulate their own behaviour as well as ensuring children are acknowledged for positive decision-making in regards to their behaviour, including communicating effectively when resolving disagreement with others, developing a strong sense of empathy and kindness as well as building a strong sense of democratic and ethical principles.  We believe in learning by example and therefore use role modelling as well as positive reinforcement to encourage children to engage in co-operative, pro-social behaviour, build their resilience and feel safe and confident to respectfully express their feelings. 

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(03) 7037 9999

Child Doing Art Activity

Our focus is to build on each child’s strengths, whilst recognising and supporting the child’s developmental journey, providing an opportunity for children to visually see and celebrate their achievements and receive acknowledgement and encouragement in their future endeavours.


Our service promotes and values cultural diversity and equality for all children, families and educators, respecting the expertise of parents in their knowledge of their child, and supporting parenting competency.  We respect the existing and emerging identity of the child in context of their family and we aim to support and guide them in their exploration of different identities, points of view and family practices, guiding children in their sense of respect and appreciation of others.  We have a great sense of community within our centre and hold family input and involvement in the highest regard. We believe families are the most important people in their child’s life and we welcome them to share their journey here with us.

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